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Free Medical Release Forms

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Free medical release forms are legal documents signed by a parent, guardian or relative that has authority to consent to medical treatment. It gives permission to medical personnel to treat a person that you are responsible for when you are not actually present to give that consent. A medical release form template is absolutely essential for a caretaker to have should you not be present to authorize treatment.

For instance, you and your partner may want to go out for an evening and need a baby-sitter for your child or children. Should an emergency arise such as a fire, natural disaster or even a bone broken during a game of tag, the sitter will need a medical release form for emergency personnel to treat your child for medical procedures.

Without the medical release form your child could be waiting in the emergency room until your arrival rather than getting the treatment they need.

Likewise, when your children are traveling with or visiting relatives far away they should be accompanied by a generic medical release form in case they need treatment.

A doctor or hospital cannot treat a child beyond life-saving measures unless their parent or legal guardian gives consent. It does not matter if a blood relation is with the child because they are not legally able to give consent unless they can show a medical release form that has been completed with your signature and, ideally, signed and notarized.

A medical release form is not only for children, however. You may need to sign one for yourself at your physicianís office for your insurance company to access your records. Your doctor may need one so he or she can share your information with other medical professionals that they need to consult with in relation to your treatment.

If you are the legal guardian or caretaker for an aged family member or a friend with a chronic, debilitating condition you should provide a medical consent form to authorize medical treatment for them when you are not present. Nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities routinely ask for medical consent forms because they know that you may be unavailable should a medical emergency arise.

By signing a medical release form you can authorize treatment considered necessary or the bare minimum necessary until you can arrive to make informed choices. The form gives the bearer the ability to represent you and make decisions when you are not present.

You may also want to carry your own generic medical release form in case you are unconscious or otherwise unable to make your wishes known in a medical emergency.

A medical release form should contain the patientís name, age, insurance information, contact details of the person responsible for them, any medical conditions present and all medications currently being administered. It is strongly suggested you get you form notarized.


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